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Jessica has been an equestrian enthusiast for over 30 years, from 4H & FFA to breed circuits and more.  She is an active member with the Appaloosa Horse Club & supports the Michigan Regional Club through various networking and recruiting.  She loves the versatility of the Appaloosa Horse & hopes to create a legacy of hearty, great minded, versatile spotted equines for everyone to enjoy!



Professional Trainer

Markaya's talent with equines began at a young age & her ability to be not only a great horse women, but an incredible coach is unsurpassed.  Her talent in the show pen earned her National and World  titles in multiple disciplines in both breed circuits, futurities & local associations.  She's a World Show winner with championships and earnings in both the Huntseat & Western divisions. She puts her heart & soul into managing her program, making sure her clients get their monies worth & horses are treated with the best care.

Meet The Team: Services


Breeding Consultant

Michele is a Licensed Veterinarian Technician with many years spent in the Equine Industry breeding, training and showing her own horses in connection with Markaya Ashley.  She is an excellent resource for mare management and contributes to the health and well-being of the Nailed It breeding program.



Sunset Stables Owner

Steph owns and operates Sunset Stables, the home of Nailed It Appaloosa Stallion.  Her team of professionals provides the BEST care through managing Regal's every need from turnout to nutrition so there's never a worry about his happiness or sperm count!  She provides a safe, family friendly environment that caters to all breeds for boarding, and also secures the facility to accommodate our stallion.  

If you are interested in meeting Regal at Sunset Stables please message Steph to coordinate here!

Meet The Team: Meet the Team


Lake Ferrier Services, LLC

Chip's attention to detail, customized service and heart is why he's the man for the job!  Whether tacking on a shoe, or making a custom bar, this talented blacksmith knows how to create the most important element to make sure our horses are performing their best, stay sound and happy.  His experience and knowledge lends comfort in his ability to be someone in our program we can count on!



Cadence Chiropractic, LLC

A whole health approach is how we care for our Equines, especially when it comes to Regal.  Dr. Phaedra has magic hands and eyes that know just what touch is needed to make everything in working order for the best performance.  Her years of experience, and holistic grit make for the perfect recipe to lend healing hands and make proactive therapy decisions.

Jen Kater_edited.jpg


Equine Dentist

Jenn is an experienced Equine Dentist who values the total health of our horses especially during breeding season!  She goes above and beyond to make sure they're comfortable during their procedure from cleaning to extraction!

Dr johnson.jpg


Classic Equine, LLC

Dr. Kirk Johnson of Classic Equine out of Ada, Michigan is our premier health care provider for our show and breeding animals.  He takes extra care providing the latest therapies and technology to prevent and treat join disease and performance needs of our hardest working competitors!  He goes above and beyond taking extra time to thoroughly provide care and treatment with the best science and warm bedside manner.  He specializes in stock horses and provides the latest information on medicine to keep our animals healthy whether World Show ready or rest!

Autumn smith_edited.jpg


Smith Breeding Facility

Boy did we strike gold finding this lovely lady and her small private breeding facility in West Michigan!  Autumn is our collection manager and makes certain Regal is safe and prepared for those swimmers to deliver the in the highest quality at the fastest possible delivery schedule to ensure your mare's successful pregnancy!

Nicole Shaw.jpg


Equine Grooming Expert

Nicole is a small business owner of Nicole's Grooming Service, who specializes in equine grooming from body clipping to braiding and banding!  She offers a full spectrum of available services to prepare for show season, service at shows or just general grooming care and bathing.

Kelly Johnson.jpg


Independent BEMER Distributor

Kelly is an expert in alternative therapy to showcase our horse’s parasympathetic responses, which are signs of relaxation, and are often triggered when enjoying the BEMER Services she provides!  To know that your horse is feeling the benefits of BEMER therapy:
- Yawning
- Chewing
- Licking
- Relaxed, droopy head
For more information on treatments or to purchase your very own Bemer like we did directly from Kelly please reach out to her!

Ariel Urka.jpg


Equine Massage Therapist

Ariel is the owner of Stone Brook Equine specializing in massage therapy and Kinesiology Taping.  She also provides Rehabilitation Therapy and additional equine services located in Western Michigan.  She is a huge asset to our team providing detailed analysis of our horse's wellness while providing holistic pain relief and relaxation to our equine athletes.  Her calm hands and gentle care provide the right amount of treatment pre or post show season to make sure our horses are feeling their absolute best!

Meet The Team: Meet the Team
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